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Rent a vWorker will be launching its new global freelance marketplace soon! So whether you consider yourself a freelancer, eLancer, vWorker, coder, online worker, contractor or employer - your new home awaits! Stay informed by liking our Facebook page....

Our business model is simple. We make it easy to rent a coder for an hour or hire a freelance vWorker for end deliveries.

We offer a virtual workplace, for employers and workers. Operating in a venue similar to eBay with a reverse bidding system, employers post their project and workers bid on it. Once you select the worker of your choice, you place the agreed project amount into escrow and allow the worker to complete your project.

Workers are only paid when the project is complete. This means, if they do not complete the work you get your money back! Your funds are held in a secure escrow account until you are satisfied, and should a problem arise on your project it will be reviewed and mediated by a non-biased third party.

Here's is how it works....

All accounts are free to use. Heavy users will have the option of an annual subscription plan that will reduce their site fees*, but for the majority of employers and freelancers (vWorkers) there wont be any need for a subscription; the site is not structured around any kind of subscriptions.

Employers place their job with the necessary requirements, budget and deadline.

Workers place their bids on the project and communicate with the employer to clarify any specifics.

The employer selects the worker that he chooses to work with. At this time the employer places the funds for the project into an escrow account.

The worker completes the project.

Once the employer reviews and accepts the completed project he releases the funds from escrow. A small fee* is deducted for the operating venue and the funds are placed into an account for the vWorker.

Each party, the employer and the freelance worker (or vWorker) has the option to leave feedback.

Twice per month the vWorker can withdraw his funds via several different options.

What is a vWorker?

The term vWorker is widely used to describe a freelance worker, as are the terms Freelancer, Coder, eLancer and Online Contractor. Freelancers are contractors that work online, often at different websites. They are from all over the world, and might work in an office with other freelancers or they might work from their home. They are skilled professionals with varied experience and skills to offer. Our site is open to all skills, trades and specialists that will work on a per-job basis, long term, short term and hourly.

Can I invite people?

Yes you can and you should! We offer the most lucrative affiliate program on the internet - paying lifetime residuals! You can make money freelancing and working online as well as by referring the site - and the more people you refer the more projects there will be to bid on. So yes, please refer people!

How are freelance workers protected?

Working online without escrow is risky business - you could complete a project and not get paid for a sleuth of reasons. Our site is set up with mandatory escrow, which means that the employer must put the money for their project into an escrow account before you begin work, this guarantees that you will receive your payment, as long as you complete the project as it is specified by the employer. If there is a problem on the project you can enter into mediation to resolve the issue. Mediation is free, it is included in the venue fees that are deducted once the project is complete. As a worker we do not feel that you should have any costs out of pocket to bid on a job, nor should you have to subscribe to a membership to bid, this is all included in the fee deducted from the project at completion.

How are employers protected?

Hiring someone online is usually more cost effective and convenient than hiring someone in person, which is not always practical, but you are at risk of paying for work not received, receiving substandard work, not receiving your deliveries on time, etc., if you do not have a third party involved. With our system you are protected by our escrow and mediation, which means that you do not release payment to the worker until they submit acceptable deliveries, based on the specifications that you included in your bid request, which also includes meeting your preset deadline. If the worker fails to deliver the project as you specified you have the option to enter into mediation. If the deliveries do not meet your expectations (the worker fails to hold up his end of the agreement) your money is refunded. Mediation is free, conducted by a non-biased party.

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